Supply Chain Documents



Notice is hereby given to all the suppliers/service providers registered and accredited as service providers on the Limpopo Tourism Agency’s Suppliers’ Database System to register on the Central Suppliers Database (CSD) website (link is external).

The CSD serves as one single source of supplier information to all spheres of government.  Effective from 1st September 2015 prospective suppliers only has to self-register once on the CSD in order to do business with all spheres of government.

The period from 1st September 2015 to 31 March 2016, is referred to as the Interim period.  During the interim period, suppliers/service providers that register on the CSD will be provided with the supplier number and security code.  The supplier number and security code must be provided to the organs of State the suppliers want to do business with.

1. Advertising and Publication of Bids and Quotations
2. Appointment of Consultants
3. Bid Compilation
4. Contract Management and Administration
5. Demand Management
6. Deviations from Policy and Emergency Requirements
7. Duties and Powers of Bid Committees
8. Negotiations
9. Performance Management
10. Receiving Handling and Evaluation of Quotations
11. Receiving Handling and Evaluation of Unsolicited Bids
12. Receiving, Handling and Evaluation of Solicited Bid
13. Risk Management
14. SCM Records Management
15. Service Level Agreements
16. Sole Suppliers
17. Specification Development
18. Terms of Reference for BAC
19. Terms of Reference for Bid Evaluation Committee
20. Terms of Reference for Bid Specification Committee

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