Limpopo Wildlife Resorts in Musina

Wildlife Resorts in South Africa

Limpopo Wildlife Resorts provide accessible and affordable accommodation in various National and Provincial Parks, all owned and managed by Limpopo Tourism & Parks. For more information visit

Eclipse Safari Lodge


A visit to this African Jewel marks the beginning of many voluntary repeat visits due to the tranquility of its big spiritually laden bush, superbly extravagant tents strategically placed along wilderness, the ever-flowing stream and the warm hospitality of its people.

Rates from ZAR 25,00 to 80,00 (per person / per night)
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Singo Safari Lodge


Singo Safari Lodge is arguably the uncut diamond of the north, with a unique geographical setup. Its luxury tents are tiptoed along the edge of a cliff over looking the banks of the Luvubu River.

Rates from ZAR 35,00 to 720,00 (per person / per night)
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Nwanedi Resort


This picturesque resort is deeply lodged in the centre of the majestic Venda Mountains in the northern parts of Limpopo.

This stunning resort is characterized by the varied landscapes, rich diversity of animals and the awesome twin dams that add a sense of splendor to it.

Rates from ZAR 430,00 to 1.450,00 (per room / per night)
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