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A stay in Limpopo is about far more than just vacation - it is about reviving the human spirit!

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  • Tonic WellnessCapricorn Region - Polokwane

    Corporate wellness and employee assistance are seen as key business tools to attracting, retaining, engaging and optimizing the effectiveness of 'human capital', as well as managing risk and cost. Work benefits are no longer enough, total work experience is the focal point.

    Tonic Lifestyle Solutions Believes that companies that invest time and resources in a company-based wellness culture, with focus on "maintenance" rather than "repair" can expect major returns on investment. Upbeat, energetic employees result in healthy, relaxed, productive and effective Brand Ambassadors.

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    31 Hans Van Rensburg road, G3 remlin, Square, Polokwane.
    Tel.: 15 291 5586, Mobile: 76 181 4489, Fax: 860 501 8006
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