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African food experience

Imagine visiting the province of Limpopo, the province that is rich and wealth with african food. African food complete it's unique and taste since most of them are cooked with unique pot.

Visit our different african Restaurant at Limpopo and experiences our African food such as Mopane Womb and poridge, and your refresh with traditional beer called Amarula beer.

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  • Afric Tuli & RestaurantVhembe Region - Makhado
    Afric Tuli & Restaurant

    Afric-Tuli is a luxurious wilderness lodge on the banks of the mighty Limpopo River, offering splendid views of the Southern African bushveld. Excellent accommodation and cuisine, conference facilities, golf driving range and swimming pool.

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    PO Box 203, Makhado, 0920
    Tel.: 15 575 1064, Fax: 15 575 1212
  • African Food RestaurantVhembe Region - Thulamela
    African Food Restaurant

    South Africa offers a fine range of eating establishments. Local offerings which the more adventurous diner may wish to try include crocodile, kudu, impala and even warthog. More common specialities include delicacies such as biltong (a dried, salted meat similar to jerky), South African food(e.g Mopani womb) bobotie (much like Shepherd's pie) and boerowors (large, hand-made sausage coils, which are normally grilled on a braai). Those wishing to stick to familiar cuisines will find everything from hamburgers to sushi, and a wide variety of different national cuisines are represented in the major cities.

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  • BambooVhembe Region - Thulamela

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    Tel.: 15 973 0283, Mobile: 836380330, Fax: 15 973 0333
  • Die WindmeulVhembe Region - Makhado
    Die Windmeul

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    Mobile: 823769853,
  • KhayaVhembe Region - Makhado

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    Welgvndn Limpopo
    Tel.: 15 516 2282, Mobile: 83 452 2091, Fax: 15 516 2282
  • Phala phala RestaurantVhembe Region - Makhado

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    Thohoyandou Shopping Centre, Thohoyandou, 0950
    Tel.: 15 962 2863,