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Take Away's

"Amatake-away's" this are people of limpopo calling Take-Away's. At limpopo we have a lot of restaurant and cafes selling take away's food.

This restaurant are mainly owned by local people and type of food are very unique, we also have international fast food restaurant who international food.

Service providers: Take Away's

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Mopani Region - Giyani
    Kentucky Fried Chicken

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    Tel.: 15 812 1724,
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Mopani Region - Tzaneen
    Kentucky Fried Chicken

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  • Living AfricaMopani Region - Ba-Phalaborwa
    Living Africa

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    • Animal & Nature Africa (7 days) nature lovers’ paradise
    • South Africa share our Culture (12 days) to really get to know us! This is a volun-tourism package which combines your holiday with volunteering at LekaGape orphanage. 

    Accommodation is also available!

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    348 Akananistreet, Lulekani 1392, South Africa
    Tel.: 15 783 0467, Mobile: 76 356 8403, Fax: 15 783 0466
    E-mail: info@livingafrica.org, Website: www.livingafrica.org
  • Nando'sMopani Region - Giyani

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    Tel.: 15 812 1445, Website: www.nandos.co.za