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Thousands of arts lovers and enthusiasts are visiting  Limpopo to exposed on Arts Festival.

On the visual arts and crafts front, Limpopo is renowned for impeccable sculptors, potters and bead artists. Most of these works will be viewed at exhibition centres for the duration of the festival.

Some of the artists can be visited in their areas, Limpopo is rich in Atrs & crafts.



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  • Capricorn TaxidermistCapricorn Region - Polokwane
    Capricorn Taxidermist

    Taxidermy is a general term describing the methods of reproducing a life like threedimensional representation of an animal for permanent display.

    In some cases, the actual skin of the animal is preserved and mounted over an artificial mannikin.In other cases, the specimen is reproduced completely with the use of man – made materials.


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    P.O. Box 316, Bendor Park, 0713
    Tel.: 15 289 9630 , Mobile: 082 775 2136 , Fax: 15 289 9281
    E-mail:, Website:
  • Eloff Gallery Capricorn Region - Polokwane

    Displays original South African art, including the works of local Venda artists. Handmade goods such as pottery and wooden sculptures produced by these craftspeople can be purchased at the gallery in addition to other curios.

    The furniture store exhibits a large variety of stylish custom-designed pieces complimented by intense colour combinations and paint techniques. All the furniture is handcrafted and manufactured from a selection of solid woods.

    The goal of decorative painted furniture is not to cover but to reveal  wood’s basic qualities, like colour and grain, as embellishments.

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    Capricorn, Polokwane
    Tel.: 15 290 2182,
  • Gemco Arts, Crafts and Curios CentreCapricorn Region - Polokwane
    Gemco Arts Crafts and Curios Centre

    This centre, with a brilliant collection of semi-precious stones, ivory and other jewellery, shows the fascinating manufacturing stages of semi-precious beads such as tiger-eye. 

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    Capricorn, Polokwane
    Tel.: 15 292 0758 ,
  • Makapans CavesCapricorn Region - Polokwane
    Makapans Caves

    Famed for its yield of fossils & the siege of General Potgieter & the Black tribemen for 30 days.

    Potgieter himself was killed as well as 1500 tribesmen

    Stunning bushveld environment and a multi-cultural community and history give Makapans a unique character.

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    197 Thabo Mbeki Drive
    Tel.: 15 491 8458, Fax: 15 491 8460
  • Polokwane Art MuseumCapricorn Region - Polokwane
    Polokwane Art Museum

    The Polokwane Art Museum houses a collection of 800 art works by renowned artists and centres around Limpopo and the rest of the country. One of the collection's many attractions is the Industrial Sculpture Park.

    The city of Polokwane has more public sculptures per capita than any other town in South Africa.

    The Museum also showcases a variety of traditional Venda, Tsonga and Pedi crafts. Craft pieces on a small scale are sold at the museum.


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    Cnr Groebler and Hans van riebeeck, Polokwane, 0700
    Tel.: 15 290 2177, Fax: 15 290 2255