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Thousands of arts lovers and enthusiasts are visiting  Limpopo to exposed on Arts Festival.

On the visual arts and crafts front, Limpopo is renowned for impeccable sculptors, potters and bead artists. Most of these works will be viewed at exhibition centres for the duration of the festival.

Some of the artists can be visited in their areas, Limpopo is rich in Atrs & crafts.



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  • Nkosi Art WorksMopani Region - Ba-Phalaborwa

    J.nkosi is a Scrimshaw fine artist specializing in embellishing hand made knives and painting wildlife on canvas, and is a member Knife maker's Guild of Southern Africa as a schrimshaw artist.

    Scrimshaw is an ornamental art. One of the most popular applications of the art these days is in the embellishment of knife handles.

    As such it has found its way into the hearts and strongrooms of hunters. It is the technique of etching drawings on bone or ivory using a needle, afterwards you rub the ink into cuts & stippled holes to better define the image.

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    953 Manndela village, Namakgale, Phalaborwa. 1391
    Tel.: 76 502 7267,