Cultural Villages in Capricorn Region

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Cultural Villages

The village is not only a tourism business but also a village built by Limpopo people as their home and anyone interested in their culture.

The activities in the village include traditional dance and learning about Limpopo cultural knowledge such as cooking, perfoming arts through practice e.t.c.

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  • Bakone Malapa Open Air MuseumCapricorn Region - Polokwane
    Bakone Malapa Open Air Museum

    This village offers visitors some insight into the background and history of the Bakone people, a sub-group of the Northern Sotho.

    The village has been reconstructed in the style used by the Northern Sotho approximately 250 years ago. Two lapas (homesteads) contain exhibits that explain much of the Bakone’s history.

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  • Makapans CavesCapricorn Region - Polokwane
    Makapans Caves

    Famed for its yield of fossils & the siege of General Potgieter & the Black tribemen for 30 days.

    Potgieter himself was killed as well as 1500 tribesmen

    Stunning bushveld environment and a multi-cultural community and history give Makapans a unique character.

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    197 Thabo Mbeki Drive
    Tel.: 15 491 8458, Fax: 15 491 8460
  • Modjadji Royal KraalCapricorn Region - Polokwane
    Modjadji Royal Kraal

    Modjadji Royal Kraal is the home to the Balobedu tribe of the rain making Queen. Modjadji or the “Rain Queen” is the only traditional ruling queen in Southern Africa.

    Historically she was known as an extremely powerful, able to bring rain to her friends and drought to the enemies. Her position as paramount ruler is based on this power. Modjadji have been feared and respected or centuries.

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    Capricorn, Polokwane
    Tel.: 72 869 7678,