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Education Centre

Educational Centres play an important role to learners as well as bringing back the value of education to the youth.The Education centres are designed to accommodate learners needs as well as providing neccesary learning equipment to the youth such as libraries, extra lessons and classes.

Service providers: Education Centre's

  • Maths CentreWaterberg Region - Bela-Bela
    Maths Centre

    Maths centre in Limpopo Province is the Centre of excellence in mathematics and education for equipping teachers and learners with materials and programmes in order to develop a higher competency and performance in mathematics.

    The centre is aimed on creating mathematically literate & functional learners who will be successful in a business world that relies on calculators, computers and mathematical procedures and where mathematics is rapidly growing and is extensively applied in diverse situations.

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    Bela Bela
    Tel.: 15 223 7841, Fax: 86 657 7437
    E-mail:, Website:
  • Sondela AcademyWaterberg Region - Bela-Bela
    Sondela Academy

    Sondela Academy offers Comprehensive training in a safe and friendly environment equipping you with all the skills you need to succeed in the career of your choice.

    At Sondela Academy you get :
    * Academic training
    * Practical training
    * Experience in the workplace
    * Interpersonal skills
    * Workplace ethics

    Sondela Academy is an City & Guilds Examination Centre. All our training programs and certification are provided and monitored by City and Guilds - a world renown training institute.

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    Tel.: 14 736 8860, Fax: 14 736 8828
    E-mail:, Website: