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Education Centre

Educational Centres play an important role to learners as well as bringing back the value of education to the youth.The Education centres are designed to accommodate learners needs as well as providing neccesary learning equipment to the youth such as libraries, extra lessons and classes.

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  • Khanyisa Education CentreMopani Region - Giyani
    Khanyisa Education Centre

    Khanyisa Education Centre, founded in 1989, is located in the tranquil Limpopo Province bushveld, on the outskirts of Giyani.

    The Centre's 40-hectare campus nestles peacefully on the lower slopes of Man'ombe Nature Reserve.

    The Primary and Secondary schools are accommodated in beautifully designed buildings scattered amongst well-maintained gardens.

    A highly motivated and dedicated team of professional educators offer the seven hundred learners from Grade 0 to Grade 12 access to the highest quality education in excellent facilities.

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    Khanyisa Education Centre, Giyani
    Tel.: 15 812 3602, Fax: 15 812 3602 Website: