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  • Arend Dieperink MuseumWaterberg Region - Mogalakwena
    arend dieperink

    The Arend Dieperink Museum contains a valuable cultural historical collection of Sotho and Voortrekker artefacts and is housed in a graceful stone building originally built as a school.

    The museum portrays the history of the town and surroundings from the time of the ape-men at Makapan’s Cave, right through to the Anglo Boer War and recent times. Mampoer and fresh bread are available on request.

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    97 Thabo Mbeki Drive, Mokopane
    Tel.: 015 491 9735,
  • Bakone Malapa Open Air MuseumCapricorn Region - Polokwane
    Bakone Malapa Open Air Museum

    This museum invites visitors to take a step back in time and explore a traditional Bakone tribal village as it existed about 250 years ago.

    This open air living museum gives visitors the opportunity to gain insight into the background and history of the Bakone people who are a subgroup of the Northern Sotho tribe.

    Bakone Malapa literally means Bakone Homestead and the village, set on the original site of an ancient village, and has been superbly Reconstructed in the traditional Northern Sotho way.

    Archaeological excavations have been carried out in the area around Bakone Malapa Museum and evidence, including nearby rock paintings, has led researchers to conclude that this area was first occupied by the San tribe quite some time before being occupied by the Bakone people.

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    Located about 9km South of City of Polokwane along the road to Lebowakgomo (Road R 37).
    Tel.: 15 295 2432,
  • Church of the VowVhembe Region - Makhado
    Church of the Vow

    The church was designed by Gerhard Moerdyk and built in 1926.The church of the convenant is one on the two churches in South Africa that came about as a result of a vow .

    On October 16,1898, shortly before the republican attack on the Venda monarch Mphephu,worshippers promised that if the Lord enabled them to make peace with the Venda, a church will be dedicated to His  honour.

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    Located in town of Louis Trichardt.
    Tel.: 15 516 3415,
  • Dzata Ruins and Museum of the DamVhembe Region - Makhado
    Dzata Ruins and Museum of the Dam

    Site of the the Vhavenda royal dating back ti 1400 AD. The history of the Vinda is depicted and the ruins with their dry- stone walls can be explored.

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    On the R523 between Thohoyandou
    Tel.: 82 465 9303 ,
  • Eersteling Monuments Capricorn Region - Polokwane
    Eersteling Monuments

    The site of the country's first gold crushing site and its first gold power plant are marked by monuments.

    Eersteling also played a significant part in history, at the siege of Marabastad on 17 March 1881. The Boers brought in two old boats, with obsolete guns, and used handmade ammunition.

    The round shot ammunition was handcrafted from beaten iron, beaten iron that came from the Eersteling Mining Company.

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    18km from Polokwane on the N1 to Makopane
  • Elim Hospital MuseumCapricorn Region - Polokwane

    Swiss Missionaries started Elim Hospital in 1899. There is a Museum within the hospital yard that is being renovated so that visitors can view and get a historical understanding of the hospital.

    This includes the history of the Swiss Missionaries, Anglo-Boer War and the local Chief, Njhaka-Njhaka, who leased the land to these Missionaries for 100 years.

    The Missionaries brought religion to the people of Njhaka-Njhaka and churches and schools were built for the community.   


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    Capricon, Polokwane
    Tel.: 15 556 3201,
  • Ga-Mothapo Rock Art SiteCapricorn Region - Polokwane

    This is an open rock shelter on the hilltop of a small mountain at Ga – Mothapo (Makgokubung Village) with only monochrome paintings.

    The site is regarded as the place where SAN rested for few days on their way to the Kalahari.

    There is also an artificial cave in the Irish House Museum where these kinds of rock paintings are depicted to show the visitors how a rock art site looks like.

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    Ga-Mothapo rock art site is located South of Polokwane Central Business District, south west of the main tarred road R71 from Polokwane to Tzaneen,on farm portion Last hoek 1054 LS. The site is situated on granite quartzite sand stone ridge, south western section of Makgokopong village (Mothapo area)
    Tel.: 15 290 2010 ,
  • Hugh Exton Photographic MuseumCapricorn Region - Polokwane
    Hugh Exton Photographic Museum

    The museum is housed in a Duch Revormed church built in Polokwane South Africa, in the 1890's.

    The very valuable cultural, history collection, consisting of more than 23 000 photos taken by Hugh Exton are mainly of Polokwane and its people and dates from the early 1890's to about 1945.

    While negatives unlock the mysteries of yesteryear, the original (now somewhat delicate and fragile) photographs are preserved in this old church.

    The exhibitions cover a variety of topics such as, the birth and development of Polokwane, architecture, industries, clothing, trade and famous town residents.

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    Tel.: 15 290 2186,
  • Irish House MuseumCapricorn Region - Polokwane
    Irish House Museum

    National Cultural History Museum - It’s a building that used to be the first clothing shop and later declared a monument by the National Monument Council, now South African Heritage Resource Agency (SAHRA).

    This cultural history museum hosts a vast collection of various items which are of cultural, scientific and historical
    value. At times our exhibition covers all the ethnic groups in the Limpopo province.

    Any exhibition done in this historical museum has a theme and a message that it conveys to the visitors.

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    Located adjacent to Metropolitan Centre @ CNR. Thabo Mbeki & Market Str.
    Tel.: 15 290 2182 , Website:
  • Louis Trichardt MemorialVhembe Region - Makhado

    The establishment of Pietersburg (Polokwane) stems from the colonial expansion of people of European descent from the Cape during the early 19th century in what is generally known as “Great Trek”.

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    Located at the Northern side of Polokwane CBD along the National Road to Makhado, at about 700 metres from the junction to South African Breweries.
    Tel.: 15 516 3415,
  • Melted GunsCapricorn Region - Polokwane

    At the end of the war against Magoeba in 1893, all the guns that were confiscated were burnt. This gun/metal memorial was found in 1975 when the golf course was built.

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    Polokwane, 0700
    Tel.: 15 290 2177, Fax: 15 290 2255
  • Muti wa VhaTsonga Open Air Museum Mopani Region - Tzaneen

    This is a traditional Tsonga homestead, where everyday life is portrayed and where you can see the different styles of the Northern Tsonga over the past 200 years.

    The layout of the Open-Air museum includes different types of sleeping huts, grain, cooking huts stores, the ancestral tree ,a sacrificial hut,a goat hut a chicken hut and a cattle kraal.

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    Litsitele within the Hans Merensky Nature Reserve next to the Eiland Spa
    Tel.: 15 307 3582,
  • Polokwane MuseumCapricorn Region - Polokwane
    Polokwane Museum

    The Polokwane Museum was built in 1906 by Moschke, a German immigrant and in 1920 he sold the museum to JA Jones. Mr Jones gave the museum the name of 'Irish House'. The building is from the beautiful Late Victorian style and was restored to its original splendour in 1986 when it was declared as a museum.

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    Tel.: 15 290 2183,
  • Schoemansdal MuseumVhembe Region - Makhado
    Schoemansdal Museum

    The museum commemorates South Africa’s history and accommodates the grave of Voortrekker leader Andries Hendrik Potgieter,it also houses some remains of the town’s original structures such as houses,shops,streets and water furrow systems.

    Hendrik Potgieter‘s grave may be found in the Schoemansdal Memorial the memorial was erected in the town in honour of the Voortrekkers.

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    The museum is situated 15kms out of Louis Trichardt on the R522.
    Tel.: 15 516 2082,
  • The Waterberg MuseumWaterberg Region - Modimolle

    The Waterberg Museum situated at the original Melkrivier School houses fascinating information on the cultural history of the area, dating from the first hominids a million years ago, to the first white pioneers and latter-day personalities such as naturalist and poet Eugene Marais who lived in the Waterberg  

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    Tel.: 14 755 4189,
  • ThulamelaVhembe Region - Thulamela

    An archaeological site where Africans smelted gold around 1300.

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    In the northern region of what is now the Kruger National Park (Pafuri Gate)
    Tel.: 13 735 5611,
  • Tsonga Kraal MuseumMopani Region - Tzaneen
    songa Kraal Museum

    The Tsonga Open-Air  Museum represents the building styles and cultural products of the North Tsonga. The North Tsonga is composed of refugee groups from the southern part of Mozambique.

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    725lt Eiland limpopo
    Tel.: 15 386 8727 ,
  • Voortrekker MonumentSekhukhune Region - Tubatse
    Voortrekker Monument

    An old Historical voortrekker route ( to be developed)

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    Located in Tubatse Municipality in the Tswenyane village
    Tel.: 12 326 6770,
  • Voortrekker ParkCapricorn Region - Polokwane
    Voortrekker Park

    Voortrekker history is commemorated by a symbolic memorial to the 1838 Great Trek.

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    Located within Polokwane CBD at the corner of Thabo Mbeki and Burger Street near the public swimming Pool.
    Tel.: 15 294 1000 ,
  • Vutsila Art CentreVhembe Region - Thulamela
    Vutsila  Art Centre

    Vutsila Art Centre is a school for the arts in Makulaka village, near Makhado in Limpopo.

    Vutsila Art Centre it is owned by  Kubayi , who is Inspired by his dreams for the future of traditional craftsmanship, he has developed a school for the arts in Makulaka village, near Makhado in Limpopo.

    Named the Vutsila Art Centre (Vutsila means art in Xitsonga and Venda), he teaches young people how to create clay work, wooden sculptures, musical instruments, traditional furniture and bead-work.

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    Makulaka Village, Thohoyodou, Makhado

  • Waterberg Rhino MuseumWaterberg Region - Modimolle
    Waterberg Rhino Museum

    This is the first museum devoted entirely to the conservation of the rhinoceros. It highlights the evolutionary history, habitats and landscapes, the rhino wars, illegal trade and use of rhino horn and conservation efforts to preserve rhinos.

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    Tel.: 14 755 4428, Fax: 14 755 3504