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The Limpopo is the 4x4 adventurer's paradise, its many 4x4 obstacle courses guaranteed to test the skill of the driver. The Waterberg Region is particularly suited to 4x4 trips. The Sekhukhune area near Gauteng is ruggedly dramatic, and the route along the northern side of the Olifants River from Chuenespoort boasts breathtaking bushveld scenery.

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  • All FoursWaterberg Region - Mookgophong
    All Fours

    Situated on a private farm 140 km north of Pretoria in the Waterberg Mookgopang area. It is 1  hour's drive from Pretoria and 2 hours from Johannesburg on the N1 north to Polokwane. The trail stretches over an unusual combination of mountains, valleys, streams and savannah sand veld to include all types of driving situations.

    There are three trails, namely: a three hour trail, a one hour trail and a half an hour trail, all which vary in difficulty. The three hour trail is ideal for beginners and as a family adventure. The one hour trail is more difficult and the hour trail is a challenge trail. Game species include: blue wildebeest, zebra, impala, giraffe, kudu and many more.

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    Tel.: 14 743 1665, Fax: 14 743 1665
  • Doornrivier 4x4 Mopani Region - Ba-Phalaborwa
    Doornrivier 4x4

    The farm has four 4x4 routes that have been graded by Drive Out and consist of mountainous, rocky and sandy terrain. 

    Ideal overnight place on your way to Botswana and Namibia. We are located +-12km's outside Zeerust, on the R49 (Madikwe Gaborone road) and not only offer you 4x4 routes that have been graded but also accommodation, camping and caravan stands to make this a memorable family weekend away.


    • Trail Distance: - 4 Trails (1 - 70km)
    • Travel Time: - 3-6 hours
    • Levels. 1 - 5
    • Accommodation available

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    P.O. Box 731, Zeerust<br /> <strong>GPS:</strong> S 25º 28'917 E 26º 07'251
    Tel.: 018 642 3394, Mobile: 082 219 6649,
    E-mail: andrev@gds.co.za, Website: www.doornrivier.co.za
  • Grootwater 4x4 TrailsWaterberg Region - Lephalale
    Grootwater 4x4 Trails

    Grootwater 4x4 is situated in the beautiful unspoilt nature of Poer se Loop. This river winds through the Waterberg Mountains. About 50 Km from Ellisra(Lephalale) and 250 Km from Pretoria At Grootwater young and old can enjoy a relaxing time; peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    The best part of the Grootwater experience is the challenging rock driving, and the rocks and stones along trails have no sharp edges, so they are not likely to demage your vehicle or tyres.

    Grootwater has 3 beautiful big dams and smaller ones. Great scenic views from the mountain tops. Various hiking trails,4 x 4 routes and a quad track to challenge.

    • Trail distance: 30km
    • Travel time: 4-5 hours
    • level 1-5
    • Accommodation  available at Vaalbos camp

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    Waterberg, Lephalale, Ellisras<br/><strong>GPS :</strong> 23 55.018'S, 27 50.498'E
    Tel.: 082 338 3115, Mobile: 083 280 9772,
    E-mail: Adventure@Grootwater.co.za, Website: www.grootwater.co.za
  • Jobedi Waterberg Region - Vaalwater

    Tucked away deep in the Waterberg Mountains is a private retreat to be found known as Jobedi Game Reserve. A purposely well kept secret set in a vast landscape of rocky terrain blessed with lush vegetation and scenic vistas of breathtaking beauty which lends itself to an abundance of peace and tranquility. Accommodation is also available at Jobedi!

    Chalenge the Waterberg Mountains with your 4 x 4 and experience the bushveld. This is a hard-core and demanding route for those not afraid of spending the whole day negotiating a trail. Our trail extends over 45km on an area of 6 800ha, offering something for everyone and incorporates some of the best Bushveld scenery in the Limpopo Province.

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    Jobedi, Vaalwater
    Tel.: 14) 755 3993, Mobile: 73 280 8670, Fax: 86 612 9937
    E-mail: game@jobedi.co.za, Website: www.jobedi.co.za
  • Mabote River CampCapricorn Region - Mokopane
    Mabote River Camp

    Mabote, Sotho for "small strong river", is situated in the Southern Ravine of the farm, Groothoek, approximately 64km west from the town Potgietersrus.

    The various trails take in almost the whole spactrum of driving experiences including sand, water, mud and rocks. The routes are well marked, with arrows and signage in the colour of the trail. They are well maintained, with trees and bushes trimmed back to ensure vehicles don't get scratched.

    Other areas of interest around the camp are for instance the very popular and breathtaking walking trails to the spectacular waterfalls. Enquire about our accommodation by clicking on “River Camp" on the toolbar.

    • Trail distance: 4 trails, 18.5km in total
    • Travel time: 2-4 hours
    • Level: 1-3
    • Accommodation available

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    P.O. Box 82, Potgietersrus [Mokopane] 0600 <br/><strong>GPS:</strong> S24.09892 E28.65796
    Tel.: 15 453 0792, Mobile: 083 601 9866, Fax: 866 944 745/6 Website: www.mabote.com
  • Madlabantu TrailWaterberg Region - Ba-Phalaborwa
    Madlabantu Trail

    One of the Kruger Parks 4 4x4 Adventure Trails, Madlabantu Adventure Trail is set near Pretoriuskop Camp and takes abouts '4-5 hours to complete. The route is designed to take vistors as close as possible to the different wilderness areas and to reveal the uniqueness of the panorama and ecosystem. Only six 4x4 vehicles are allowed on each trail per day. No advance bookings are accepted. The trail is self-drive.

    • Trail distance: 24km
    • Level: 1-4
    • Travel time: 4 hours
    • Accommodation available

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    Tel.: 137355128, Mobile: 82 802 1203, Fax: 13 735 5339 Website: www.krugerpark.co.za
  • Mananga TrailCapricorn Region - Ba-Phalaborwa
    Mananga Trail

    The word "Mananga" translates to "Wilderness" and thus describes the purpose of the adventure trail near Satara Rest Camp iin the Kruger National Park. An adventure trail is a road open to only six vehicles per day. The public does not have access to the trail and a 4x4 vehicle with low range capabilities and sufficient ground clearance is a pre-requisite to participate on the trail. Guides do not accompany tourists on the trail, but tourists receive a map with GPS co-ordinates once they reserve a place on the trail.

    • Trail distance: 48km
    • Level
    • Travel time: 3-5 hours
    • Accommodation available

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    Tel.: 137356307,
  • Maretshane Leisure TrailsCapricorn Region - Mokopane
    • Trail distance: 30km
    • Level: 3
    • Travel time: 1 hour

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    Tel.: 82 456 1068,
  • Mateke 4x4 TrailWaterberg Region - Thabazimbi
    Mateke 4x4 Trail

    The trail varies from a 4x2 and soft roader-friendly route, where the focus is on natural attraction, to a 4x4 route that is challenging in places and where low range, high ground clearance and care is definitely required.

    Mateke's 4x4 Trail runs through rocky terrain with steep inclines and river crossings that make for a good day’s outing. Picnic spots between indigenous trees and halfway stopovers offer one the opportunity of a well deserved break. A permit fee of R150.00 is payable in order to enter the 4x4 trail.

    Accommodation is also available!

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    Waterberg, Thabazimbi
    Tel.: 14 779 0719 , Mobile: 73 703 4636 , Website: www.mateke.co.za
  • Melk River 4x4 TrailWaterberg Region - Vaalwater
    Melk River 4x4 Trail

    Tucked away deep in the Waterberg Mountains is a private retreat to be found known as Jobedi Game Reserve. A purposely well kept secret set in a vast landscape of rocky terrain blessed with lush vegetation and scenic vistas of breathtaking beauty which lends itself to an abudance of peace and traquility.

    • Trail distance: 45km
    • Level: 2-5
    • Travel time: 4-6 hours
    • Accommodation available



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    Tel.: 14 755 3993, Mobile: 73 280 8670, Fax: 86 612 9937
    E-mail: office@melk4x4.co.za, Website: www.jobedi.co.za
  • Moegatle 4x4 TrailWaterberg Region - Thabazimbi
    Moegatle 4x4 Trail

    Moegatle Lodge is situated in the Northern Province on the Brits to Thabazimbi road, within an hour's drive from Pretoria or Johannesburg.

    Accommodation at teh lodge is well suited for wildlife lovers. Nestled in unspoiled bush surroundings, Moegatle is ideal for a romantic and tranquil getaway.

    • Trail distance:21km
    • Level: 2-4
    • Travel time:6-8 hours
    • Accommodation available


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    Brits <strong> GPS:</strong>S25° 23.825 E27° 43.373
    Tel.: 12 277 1430, Mobile: 825636015,
    E-mail: info@moegatle-lodge.com, Website: www.moegatle-lodge.com
  • Popallin Safari Ranch 4x4Vhembe Region - Musina
    Popallin Safari Ranch

    Bordering Zimbabwe on the banks of the Limpopo River, 60km from the Kruger National Park's Pafuri gate lies 10,000 ha (22,000 acres) of unspoilt bushveld.

    Here, some of the world's most sought after animal species wander. At Popallin Safari Ranch  they live side by side, allowing visitors to enjoy a thrilling close-up look at a proliferation of game in their natural habitat.

    Potholes, walks & braais, 4X4 trails (35km of mixed terrain) and Quad bike trails.

    • Trail distance: 5 trails,  30km
    • Level: 3
    • Travel time: 7-8 hours
    • Accommodation available

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    Vhembe, Musina
    Tel.: 15 534 7904, Mobile: 82 903 0291, Fax: 15 534 7905
    E-mail: popallin@popallin.co.za, Website: www.popallin.co.za
  • Rust de Winter 4x4 BunduWaterberg Region, Vhembe Region, Mopani Region - Polokwane
    Rust de Winter 4x4 Bundu

    Although two very experienced guides will join you on theis two-day adventure, you are required to have some off-road experience and knowledge of your vehicle.

    The trail includes steep climbs up mountain passes, rocky descents, rock slabs and a narrow passage through 'Lovers Lane', a water-formed gorge over alluvial rock.

    • Trails distance: 80km
    • Travel Time: 2 days
    • Levels: 3-5
    • Accommodation also available

    More info's

    <strong> GPS:</strong>S25.25242 E28.64737
    Tel.: 12037901715, Mobile: 82 558 6184 ,
    E-mail: admin@4x4atv.org, Website: www.4x4atv.org
  • Serendipity 4x4 TrailsWaterberg Region - Modimolle
    Serendipity 4x4 Trails

    Serendipity Eco Trails are situated on a beautiful bushveld farm called Tierkloof, owned by Johan Klopper, a meticulous man. He has set out a trail that deserves praise for its off-road driving.

    This trail will suit every taste. If ever a venue deserves the sobriquet of the Complete Trail, both in the choice of off-road driving and the range of accommodation available to the visitor, then this trail is it.

    We Specialise in: 4X4 Trails, Quad Trails, DS Motorbike Trails and Hiking Trails

    Accommodation is Also Available!

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    Tel.: 14 743 3540 , Mobile: 14 743 3540 , Fax: 86 611 7258
    E-mail: info@serendipitytrails.co.za, Website: www.serendipitytrails.co.za
  • Sizwe Car RentalCapricorn Region - Polokwane
    Sizwe Car Rental

    Car Rental service available in every town in Limpopo

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    9 Judges Avenue, Windsor West, 2184 Po Box 1514, Cresta, 2118
    Tel.: +27 11 476 7733, Mobile: +27 82 705 8493, Fax: +27 11 476 7752
    E-mail: sue-ellen.tryon@sizwecarrental.co.za, Website: www.sizwecarrental.co.za
  • Thabphaswa Mountain RetreatWaterberg Region - Mokopane
    Thabphaswa Mountain Retreat

    Sheltered by enclosing hills, in a natural basin, lies a wonderful bushveld retreat, Thabaphaswa Mountain Retreat.

    Thabaphaswa provides an adventure experience for camping, four wheel driving, rock climbing and abseiling, hiking, mountain biking, trail or adventure running, tree spotting, birding, cultural tours, farm dam swimming and the farm experience all within 3 hours drive from OR Tambo International Airport.

    More info's

    Percy Fyfe road, 16 km North of Mokopane (Potgietersrus)
    Tel.: +27 15 491 4882, Mobile: +27 82 389 6631, Fax: +27 86 641 1977
    E-mail: thabaphaswa@telkomsa.net, Website: www.thabaphaswa.co.za
  • The Luvuvhu 4x4 Eco-TrailMopani Region - Ba-Phalaborwa
    Luvuvhu 4x4 Eco-Trail

    Travel from Phalaborwa to Phafuri, through the Letaba Ranch and Makuya Park sectors of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park. Four nights and five days of camping along the river beds, enjoying 4 x4 adventures over a wide range of topographies and experiencing a good variety of animal and birdlife. 

    The newly refurbished Shona Langa resort is a base camp and an entry point for the Luvuvhu 4x4 eco-trail.  This exciting product offers a plethora of wildlife, pristine river views and an unmatched tour of the Greater Kruger National Park. With animals roaming the eco-trail, visitors can sleep in the big five environment.

    The Luvuvhu 4x4 eco-trail is a wildlife product in a class of its own. This five day breath taking wildlife experience is an authentic, old generation wildlife experience captivated in new modern wheels building on the successes of its predecessors and thus pushing the product to an unrivalled success. In short, the product does not have any equal.

    Following the trail of the African Ivory Route, the product looks beyond the ordinary bush experience and embrace the symbiotic relationships between humankind and wildlife. 

    Whatever your pleasure, whatever your adventure, Limpopo Wildlife Resorts awaits your call. Experience the warmth of its people, the tapestry of its wildlife and the uniqueness of its camping sites!

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    Cnr of Church and Grobler Str. Polokwane, 0700 South Africa
    Tel.: 015 290 7355, Fax: 015 291 5583
    E-mail: reservations@lwr.co.za, Website: www.wildliferesorts.org
  • Yellowwood Game LodgeWaterberg Region - Modimolle
    Yellowwood Game Lodge

    The Upmarket Yellowwood Game Lodge is two hours north of Pretoria, within the Waterberg mountain Range. Most tracks crisscrossing the property facilitate game viewing.

    The 4x4 tracks incoporate these and more. Accommodation is also available

    More info's

    Tel.: 11 432 5014, Mobile: 083 624 9457,
    E-mail: nicky@gertventer.co.za, Website: www.yellowwoodgamelodge.co.za