Bungee Jumping in Limpopo

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Bungee Jumping

If you’re up for the extreme adrenaline rush of a lifetime, bungee jumping is one activity for you!

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  • Bungee Jumping MogaleCapricorn Region - Polokwane
    Bungee Jumping Mogale

    Bungee Mogale operates in Limpopo, Gauteng,and Krugersdorp. The site is a veritable one-stop adventure site. Besides bungee jumping you will find a bridge swing, 320 m foofie slide, adventure circuit, restaurant, bar and accommodation.

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    Tel.: 86 128 6433, Mobile: 83 344 1924 , Fax: 11 660 5707
    E-mail: info@bungeemogale.co.za, Website: www.bungeemogale.co.za
  • Teambuilding AdventuresCapricorn Region - Polokwane
    team building

    Need something different and exciting for your team? Come and enjoy a hassle-free day of fun and adventure… We have an extensive range of creative and challenging activities and a unique approach to fun interactive adventure teambuilding!

    Whether it’s a group of strangers or a team sharing the same office everyday, our fun filled activities are designed to motivate them to interact and combine their talents to perform better, individually and as a team.

    They will reduce their limitations without even realizing it and build team spirit, company morale, creativity and camaraderie!

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    Limpopo Office, 294 Marshall Street, Polokwane 0699
    Tel.: 12 6612482, Mobile: 82 8232586, Fax: 12 6612482
    E-mail: boerjc@mweb.co.za, Website: www.teambuildingadventures.co.za