Caving in Waterberg Region

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The sport of caving is fast gaining in popularity as increasingly more people discover the excitement of exploring caves. Responsible caving involves learning about safety and how to reduce the detrimental effect cavers can have on caves.

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  • Wolkberg Cave SystemWaterberg Region - Mokopane
    Wolkberg Cave System

    The Wolkberg Mountains have a number of interesting and beautiful dolomite caves. The best- known,Wolkberg Cave, rivals Cango for scenic splendour.

    This cave system just outside Potgietersrus is more a cultural experience than a caving expedition. The caves provide a record of human development from the hominid Austrolopithecus africanus to stone age and iron age humans.

    It also has great historical significance as it was here that the Boers besieged the people of the Langa and Kekani tribes, led by Chief Makopane, after whom the caves were named. The Arend Dieperink Museum runs tours to the caves but they must be booked at least a week in advance. At time of writing, the caves were closed for maintenance but were due to reopen towards the end of 2000.

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