African Mammals in Makhado


Limpopo's  ecological system hosts more than 200 mammal species, and is rated one of the best wildlife experiences in Africa. The list below will give you an indication of the mammal varirity found within the province, Parks and Nature reserves.

Wildebeest Blue

Wildebeest, Blue

These usually placid animals are often referred to as 'gnus' and are frequently seen together with zebra, impala or giraffe. On open plains herds of wildebeest graze on short tufts of grass. This habitat makes it easier for them to detect potential predators and also enables them to run more effectively.



These chubby-looking antelopes are easily identified by the distinctive white circle that runs around their rumps. Males have long rippled horns which sweep gently upwards and forwards in a shallow arc. An interesting characteristic of the waterbuck is its distinctive musky odour, a smell which is known to linger long after the animal has left the scene.