Mopane Tree in Mopani Region

Mopane Tree

The most diagnostic feature of the Mopane tree is undoubtedly the butterfly-shaped leaves, which are bright green when they emerge but turn into a kaleidoscope of autumn colours later in the season. These colours are characteristic of the landscape for many months of the year. Most specimens are multi-stemmed and spread upwards in a narrow V-formation with a wide-spreading, rounded but relatively v-formation sparse crown. The bark is light to dark grey in colour and has very prominent longitudinal fissures.

Some Mopane trees can attain a height of up to 25 m, especially on alluvial soils. When conditions are less favourable, small Mopane shrubs known as 'Mopane scrub' and locally referred to as 'gumane', are more evident.The bark is very distinctly longitudinally fissured. Old stems are very light grey and younger ones are darker. Two leaflets arising from a single petiole. They resemble butterfly wings.