Sagole baobab in Vhembe Region

Sagole Baobab

This huge baobab tree, known as the Sagole Big Tree, needs to be seen to be believed. It has a trunk diameter of 10,47 metres and has a cavern big enough to shelter several people.  Although there are trees, such as the Glencoe Baobab and the Sunland Baobab, which have larger diameters, the Sagole Baobab is the largest overall, standing 22 metres high with a crown diameter of 38,2 metres. While it does split into several trunks higher up, it also maintains the appearance of a single tree.

The age of this remarkable tree is estimated at several thousand years. The Venda people who live in the area have named the tree “Muri Kunguluwa” – the tree that roars. The name apparently comes from the sound of wind blowing through its branches.

Aside from its size, the tree is also famous for another reason: it serves as the home of a colony of rare mottled spinetails. The tree also provides sustenance and shelter for numerous other creatures.

It is located 100 kilometres north of Thohoyandou, in the Big Tree Nature Reserve. There is adequate signage and a good gravel road to the tree. The reserve is also a popular weekend picnic spot.