Significant Trees in Vhembe Region

Significant  Trees

The majestic trees of Limpopo have played a significant role in shaping the lives and legends of the inhabitants of this province. Until today trees characterise the contours of this region and provide many a visitor with lasting impressions. Some of the most commonly seen trees are the Baobab, Nyala, Fever, Mopane and Marula trees.

Marula Tree

Marula Tree

The Marula is a handsome, spreading tree of wooded savannah, and belongs to the mango (Anacardiaceae) family. It favours sandy soils in the warmer, eastern parts of the continent, where it may grow up to 15 metres in height.

Sagole Baobab

Sagole baobab

This huge baobab tree, known as the Sagole Big Tree, needs to be seen to be believed. It has a trunk diameter of 10,47 metres and has a cavern big enough to shelter several people.  Although there are trees, such as the Glencoe Baobab and the Sunland Baobab, which have larger diameters, the Sagole Baobab is the largest overall, standing 22 metres high with a crown diameter of 38,2 metres. While it does split into several trunks higher up, it also maintains the appearance of a single tree.