Highlights & Icons in Musina

Baobab trees - South Africa

Whether you're planning adventurous game drives, a rural camping retreat, bird watching or tranquil hours spent angling, here are some icons and highlights which should not be missed, when visiting Limpopo ...

Baobab trees - South Africa

Baobab Tree

No tree in Africa embodies the spirit of Africa more than the baobab with its bulbous branches and gnarled bark. Otherwise known as Africa's 'big tree', the baobab is revered in African culture for many different reasons.

In ancient times kings, elders and leaders would hold meetings under huge baobabs to discuss matters of great importance. Not only did the trees provide shelter, but the tribal leaders also believed that the spirit of the baobab would always help them make wise decisions.

Diamond Route

The Diamond Route

The Diamond Route links eight sites across northern South Africa in a tourism route. It stretches from Namaqualand on the west coast, to Kimberley (Benfontein, Rooipoort and Dronfield), then north to Tswalu in the Kalahari, through Brenthurst Gardens in Johannesburg eastwards to Ezemvelo Nature Reserve and northwards to the Venetia Limpopo reserve in far Limpopo.

The route is geared for both ecotourism and general tourism, incorporating new and largely undiscovered natural wonders, as well as historical and cultural elements, including diamond-mining.