Tourist Routes in Makhado

Sigthseeing Limpopo - Tourist Routes

The Limpopo Routes offer an opportunity of focused travel in the province. All self-drive and unguided, the routes listed and described below comprise interesting tourist 'hot spots' in Limpopo to enable you, as the traveller, to put together your own exciting days of travel and adventure in the province.

Each Limpopo route is special, representing a microcosm of varied and interesting cultures, growing industries and an expanding tourism industry. The beauty and variety of the routes will not only delight all who visit, but also entice them back - time and again.

We invite you to sample the vast treasure chest of experiences that is Limpopo by exploring the Limpopo Routes.

Greate Mapungubwe  Heritage Route

Greate Mapungubwe Heritage Route

The Greater Mapungubwe Heritage Route celebrates the incredibly rich history of the northern part of the Limpopo Province of South Africa over the last 1 000 years.

Short description The Route links numerous cultural (and natural) heritage sites via a circular route centred around key sites such as: the Mapungubwe World Heritage Site, the Thulamela Archaeological Site and the cluster of heritage sites around the sacred Lake Fundudzi and royal Dzata Museum.