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LTA hosts Nelson Mandela Day celebrations in support of homestays in Makushu Village

July 30, 2019

Limpopo; Makushu Village: Limpopo Tourism Agency (LTA) has this year in partnership with Traditional African Homestays-South Africa (TAH-SA) taken the Nelson Mandela Day celebrations to Makushu village which has become a tourism attraction for international tourists who visit the area in their numbers for authentic tourism experience.

This event was done as part of the 67 minutes dedicated to community work in line with the declaration by United Nations as the day is officially declared as a global call to action that celebrates the idea that each individual has the power to transform the world.

The partnership with TAH-SA on the 18th July 2019 sought to mark the 101st birthday of our former President, Nelson Mandela. The function was held at the community crèche. Activities there among others included picking up trash for purposes of starting a recycling project to ensure cleanliness in the area as a tourist destination. Ms. Rotondwa Musitha represented Trash Convertors, the company that would start a recycling project in the village. She emphasised cleanliness to avoid unnecessary illnesses in the community. She encouraged community members to keep their community clean as that was not the responsibility of only one person.

LTA CEO, Ms. Nomasonto Ndlovu said, “We are excited to be part of this important day by partnering with TAH-SA and the community to clean the entire village in honour of our father, Nelson Mandela as part of the 67 minutes of community work. TAH-SA is very important to us as a tourism authority with a huge contribution it makes of transforming the tourism sector. This great effort sees more poor families being changed for the better thus participating in the economy. We want to see the organisation win even more local and international awards after scooping three awards in 2018 with the contribution it makes in the tourism industry”.

Ms. Kylie Henn of TAH-SA said “We are very grateful to have LTA partnering with us for cleaning the community of Makushu and Mosholombi which are already tourist destinations drawing more visitors to visit Limpopo”. 

LTA also donated a laptop and a printer to TAH-SA for the company to continue working harder to get more tourists to the province and Makushu Village in particular. There were about four tourists from Germany on the day who had just checked out from one of the homestays who particicipated in the Nelson Mandela Day celebrations. The CEO of LTA, thanked them so much for being part of the day to celebrate the iconic leader and father of the South African nation also celebrated by the world.

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