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The Leopard Man Of Limpopo

November 3, 2014

"Matlabas, Limpopo, resident Ramolefe 'Boy' Moatshe had a long and interesting life, which included a barehanded fight with a leopard when he was 60 years old. He lived to tell the tale. African travel blogger Roxanne Reid met him and heard his story first-hand. Here are some snippets from what she wrote about him.

He raised his rifle and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. He ejected the cartridge and tried again. Nothing. Still the leopard rushed towards him, eyes locked on its target. There was time for only one more attempt before the animal was on him. But it wasn't third time lucky for the leopard man of Limpopo, Ramolefe 'Boy' Moatshe.

Fast forward 25 years to where we sat under a spreading black-thorn tree in Matlabas village in Limpopo. Ramolefe was a giant of a man, just over six feet tall but somehow larger because of his upright stance and commanding presence. And he was possibly South Africa's only survivor of a barehanded fight with a leopard.

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Author: Roxanne Reid

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