Atherstone Nature Reserve


Situated on the border with North-West, this 23.500 hectare reserve consists mainly of vast savanna plains with bushveld and Kalahari grasslands eco-systems. Besides antelopes, zebras and giraffes, the black rhino is certainly one of the highlights of your Atherstone experience. Birds to be spotted besides the multitude of grassland birds, are the kori bustard and secretary bird. Atherstone Nature Reserve offers its visitors two camps: Maroela and Summerveld.
Highlights: Game reserve, Good sightings of antelopes, Abundant birdlife, and Black rhino. Activities: Game viewing in the luxury of your own vehicle and Birding. How to get there: From Thabazimbi pass the Ben Alberts Nature Reserve and follow the road to Oostermoed; then continue towards Dwaalboom, turn right in Dwaalboom towards Atherstone Nature Reserve (total distance from Thabazimbi: approx. 160 km).

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