Selati Game Reserve


The Selati Game Reserve was proclaimed as a conservancy in 2003 and added more than 30.000 ha to the greater Kruger Park area. The reserve is typical of the savannah grassland biome, with six different veld types offering a great diversity of habitats that support 26 species of large mammal. The area within which the Reserve lies, is perhaps best known for its indigenous Sable Antelope herds. It is close to the Murchison range and the mineral ore deposits of Phalaborwa, which are amongst the largest in the world. This gives rise to a unique topography with varied and interesting geological formations manifesting themselves throughout the area. The Reserve is also home to the cycad, Encephalartos Dyerianos, which does not occur naturally anywhere else in the world.
Area: 30.500 hectares Wildlife: Abundance of wildlife including the Big 5 and many various antelopes. Activities: Game Drives

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