Waterberg Region weather

20.06.2018 Wednesday 13°C - 27°C Wind: 11 km/h
21.06.2018 Thursday 11°C - 25°C Wind: 4 km/h
22.06.2018 Friday 12°C - 24°C Wind: 9 km/h
23.06.2018 Saturday 12°C - 24°C Wind: 7 km/h
24.06.2018 Sunday 12°C - 24°C Wind: 7 km/h
25.06.2018 Monday 12°C - 24°C Wind: 7 km/h

Ben Alberts Nature Reserve

Ben Alberts Nature Reserve
Regions: Waterberg Region
Towns: Thabazimbi

Ben Alberts Nature Reserve is roughly 2.000 hectares with an impressive array of wildlife, given its size. Visitors can expect to see a wide variety of wildlife which includes white rhino, kudu, blue wildebeest, giraffe, eland, zebra and warthogs.

The Waterberg is set in the bushveld which has low mountain ranges and open savanna. The over 3.000 hectares that make up the Waterberg, of which Ben Alberts is a part, are filled with open grassland, steep gorges and crystal pools that invite game viewing, hiking, bird watching and mountain biking.

Ben Alberts is considered one of South Africa's foremost wildlife reserves.


Game viewing, hiking, bird watching and mountain biking