Capricorn Region weather

18.06.2018 Monday 7°C - 21°C Wind: 15 km/h
19.06.2018 Tuesday 10°C - 23°C Wind: 17 km/h
20.06.2018 Wednesday 9°C - 23°C Wind: 13 km/h
21.06.2018 Thursday 7°C - 21°C Wind: 4 km/h
22.06.2018 Friday 9°C - 23°C Wind: 17 km/h
23.06.2018 Saturday 7°C - 20°C Wind: 2 km/h

Friends of Blouberg in Limpopo

friends of blouberg
Regions: Capricorn Region
Towns: Blouberg

Blouberg:This reserve covers a wilderness area of almost 100km² on the eastern tip of the Blouberg Mountain situated in the north-western part of Limpopo Province, 120km from Polokwane (Pietersburg).

The difference in topography (848m-1436m) gives rise to a variety of plant communities which on turn house a diverse array of animal life. The mountain divides the reserve in distinctive southern and northern plains, each with its unique climate, soil types and vegetation. The perennial Brak-river and its associated floodplain cuts through the reserve in the south-east.