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Limpopo’s nature reserves offer excellent game-viewing opportunities. They introduce the wildlife in their natural habitat and provide an outdoors experience of how nature survives.

friends of blouberg

Friends of Blouberg

Blouberg:This reserve covers a wilderness area of almost 100km² on the eastern tip of the Blouberg Mountain situated in the north-western part of Limpopo Province, 120km from Polokwane (Pietersburg).

The difference in topography (848m-1436m) gives rise to a variety of plant communities which on turn house a diverse array of animal life. The mountain divides the reserve in distinctive southern and northern plains, each with its unique climate, soil types and vegetation. The perennial Brak-river and its associated floodplain cuts through the reserve in the south-east.

Blouberg Nature Reserve

Blouberg Nature Reserve

Blouberg is a 9.300-ha provincial government nature reserve. Conservation and Tourism management fall under the control of the relevant Limpopo provincial government structures.

There are no hiking trails but self-drive game-drives are possible, preferably using a vehicle with a high ground clearance. To access the southern region, a 4x4 is required. Vehicles may not be driven off existing roads. Be aware of your surroundings when alighting from vehicles, as a confrontation with a buffalo or leopard is always a possibility.