Giyani, the 'place where the people dance' and 'land of the friendly people', was officially established in 1969. It is the administrative and commercial centre of the Mopani district and also the former capital of Gazankulu. It aims to be the municipality where diversified cultural tourism and agriculture thrive, ensuring access to affordable basic services to all households. In many ways it still resembles a friendly traditional village and the people of Giyani are known for their wealth of folklore, of which two hundred folktales (along with nineteen hundred proverbs) have been recorded. Giyani is also rich in cultural history, with royal families dating as far back as 1822 who were related to the famous Rain Queen Modjadji. Giyani's Central Business District is a lively informal business sector which should not be missed. Traditional food dishes such as muroho, teepe, leroto, matomani (mopani worms), tihove (samp) and vuswa (mealie meal) are on the menu all day long for visitors to experience true African cuisine.

Municipalities in Mopani Region

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