Musina in the Limpopo Valley is the northernmost town in South Africa. Situated close to the Beit Bridge border post between South Africa and Zimbabwe, it is the main entry point into the country from states north of South Africa. The town developed around the copper mining industry in the area. Copper was first discovered in prehistoric times by the Musina people who named it ‘musina’, meaning ‘spoiler’, because they considered it a poor substitute for iron, which is what they were after. The mineral was later rediscovered and mined by 20th century miners. Today iron, coal, magnetite, graphite, asbestos, diamonds and copper are mined here. With fascinating attractions and many game farms in the area, tourism and hunting play an important role in the economy of the town. The recently declared world heritage site of Mapungubwe (meaning ‘Hill of the Jackal’) is one of the richest archaeological sites in the country. Botanical highlights of the region include fine specimens of baobab trees and impala lilies, which are both protected species. Agricultural products include citrus, mangoes, tomatoes and dates.

Municipalities in Vhembe Region

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