Olifants Hiking Trail


In the Kruger National Park most people enjoy the show from the seat of a vehicle. But for a privileged few, a four day hiking trail along the Olifants River offers an intimate glimpse of a wild place beyond the roads and behind the scenes. The Trail In brief The Olifant’s River Backpacker Trail in the Kruger National Park takes four days and three nights and covers between 42 and 50 km, following the course of the Olifant’s River. It’s fairly easy terrain but trailists must be as fit as they have to carry all their own food and gear and cover set distances each day. The Trail is run on a take-in take-out basis, adheres strictly to a no-trace camping ethic and is led by two arm guides. (Source:  www.getaway.co.za) Contact Sanparks for more information: (012) 428-9111 E-mail: reservations@sanparks.org Website: www.sanparks.org   View Olifants Hiking Trail in a larger map

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