Ribolla Open Africa Route


Limpopo is renowned for its arts, crafts and design. Some of the province's most acclaimed crafters, better described as artists, include Noria Mabasa, Jackson Hlungwane, Phineas Masuvhelele and Sarah Munyai just to mention a few who form part of the Ribolla Open Africa Route. There are traditional dancers, storytellers, gardeners and singers to be seen on this route. In traditional Tsonga / Shangaan and Venda villages, visitors can stay overnight in rondawels or in luxury accommodation at one of the participating lodges in the area. Experience the culture and traditional way of life of the Venda and Tsonga people. The Ribolla Open Africa Route is situated at the very top of where the Drakensberg mountain range ends. This is the land of myth and legend, a place of ancient kingdoms, where young women dance like pythons, rhinos are made of gold, clay pottery is found in abundance and the where the best wood sculptures are made. Throughout this Land of Legends people will welcome you in the traditionally hospitable African manner. You will sense compelling links with the past in the traditions and dances that fill one with the mystery of Africa. The Transnet Foundation has for a long time been interested in the development of the Makhado (formerly Louis Trichardt) area and in particular supporting the unique artistic talents found in the region. The route covers the four primary areas of Thohoyandou, Elim, Makhado and Giyani.

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