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19.02.2018 Monday 20°C - 32°C Wind: 9 km/h
20.02.2018 Tuesday 21°C - 27°C Wind: 11 km/h
21.02.2018 Wednesday 20°C - 21°C Wind: 11 km/h
22.02.2018 Thursday 19°C - 25°C Wind: 17 km/h
23.02.2018 Friday 19°C - 23°C Wind: 11 km/h
24.02.2018 Saturday 19°C - 27°C Wind: 7 km/h


Venda traditional transport

Named after the vhaVenda leader who ruled the area for many years, Makhado is a fertile region where litchis, bananas, mangoes and nuts are produced. The municipal area comprises 754.727 km². The national road (N1) runs through the town.

Makhado is situated in a highly fertile, rapidly growing agricultural area. The town has become one of Limpopo's premier business and tourist destinations and is the perfect springboard from which to visit the Songozwi sacred burial site of the vhaVenda, as well as Makhado's 'office', a secluded cave from where the chief conducted his campaign against the Voortrekkers.

The well-known town of Louis Trichardt is situated at the foot of the Soutpansberg mountain range in Limpopo and was developed from the Voortrekker settlement in the area. It derives its name from the leader Louis Trichardt, who refused to live under British rule in the Cape and arrived here in 1836.

Places to visit

Lake Fundudzi & Thathe Vondo Forest

Lake Fundudzi & Thathe Vondo Forest

Lake Funduzi is a magical place that is steeped in Venda mythology and legend. Its condition changes seasonally, but it is always worth the visit from a cultural perspective. From Lake Funduzi you will drive along the very top of the Soutpansberg. The vegetation consists of afromontain grasslands and small patches of afro-temperate forest.