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22.07.2018 Sunday 9°C - 22°C Wind: 13 km/h
23.07.2018 Monday 10°C - 22°C Wind: 11 km/h
24.07.2018 Tuesday 10°C - 24°C Wind: 4 km/h
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Game Drive  - Waterberg (Wel Gewonden)

The Bela-Bela Local Municipality is situated in the Waterberg District Municipality within the Southern part of the Limpopo Province. The total municipal area (both urban and rural) is 4000 km2. The Municipality shares borders with the Gauteng, Mpumalanga and North West Provinces.

Long before the mineral waters at Bela-Bela were used therapeutically - the curative waters have often been described as nature's gift to humankind - they were discovered by the Batswana in the 1800s and named Bela-Bela, meaning ‘boiling-boiling’. With the wealth of inexpensive accommodation on offer as well as several timeshare facilities to choose from, Bela-Bela is becoming an increasingly popular destination. Offering fun for the whole family and a respite from the pressures of day-to-day living, Bela-Bela is perfect for the weekend or even a one-day getaway.

The town, formerly known as 'Warmbaths', owes its origins to the hot mineral springs that bubble out of the earth at about 22.000 l/hr at a temperature of approximately 53°C. Said water is rich in minerals such as sodium chloride, calcium carbonate and other salts, and is believed to have curative properties - restoring sanity and a sense of well-being to all who holiday in Bela-Bela.

The pleasantly mild climate during the winter months and an average of 286 sunny days every year add to the popularity of the destination. The town is just over an hour's drive from Gauteng and lies on the Spingbok Flats on the highway to the north. Bela-Bela is also a gateway to the southern Waterberg and Thabazimbi.

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September 17, 2009

Golf Extreme

(The Par Three That Gives You Vertigo by Simon Osler)... My heart was racing as I stood over the ball, waiting to smash my driver on a long par-3. Why the pounding heart? It’s just a golf ball after all, and the green is at the bottom of the hill, er, mountain.