Mabote River Camp


Mabote, Sotho for "small strong river", is situated in the Southern Ravine of the farm, Groothoek, approximately 64km west from the town Potgietersrus. The various trails take in almost the whole spactrum of driving experiences including sand, water, mud and rocks. The routes are well marked, with arrows and signage in the colour of the trail. They are well maintained, with trees and bushes trimmed back to ensure vehicles don't get scratched. Other areas of interest around the camp are for instance the very popular and breathtaking walking trails to the spectacular waterfalls. Enquire about our accommodation by clicking on “River Camp" on the toolbar.
  • Trail distance: 4 trails, 18.5km in total
  • Travel time: 2-4 hours
  • Level: 1-3
  • Accommodation available

Contact Details

Physical Address:

P.O. Box 82, Potgietersrus [Mokopane] 0600
GPS: S24.09892 E28.65796

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079 091 0655

15 453 0792

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