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The Vervet Monkey Foundation is non-profit organisation (NPO) and one of the biggest primate rehabilitation centres in South Africa caring for a large number of indigenous Vervet Monkeys, helping injured and orphaned primates to be re-introduced  into natural areas. The Vervet Monkey Foundation runs a unique volunteer program for people interested in caring for primates or who are planning on working with primates or animals as a career to get a hands on experience in all aspects of running a wildlife sanctuary, it is also an ideal place for zoology or anthropology students to research natural primate behaviour . The Vervet Monkey Foundation became a member of the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) in 2006 and in May 2010 became GFAS Verified (Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries). This verification status means that the Vervet Monkey Foundation meets the comprehensive definition of a true sanctuary, meets standards of excellence and provides humane and responsible care of the animals in accordance with GFAS guidelines. Whether in a gap year, looking for work experience or wanting to study primates in Africa the Vervet Monkey Foundation can use your time and skills giving you  the once in a lifetime opportunity of working close to these amazing indigenous primates.

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PO Box 415 , Tzaneen , 0850

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+27 15 304 3484

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