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Previously called the Northern Province, Limpopo welcomes all visitors to this land of myths and legends. Game viewing is absolutely fantastic and possibly the best in the country, making the province the preferred Eco-tourism destination in Southern Africa.

Limpopo offers spectacular mountain scenery, which beckons hikers, climbers and bikers, while mystic cultural destinations intrigue both local and international tourists.

Activities Limpopo
Activities in Limpopo (94)

Limpopo is a land of beautiful and contrasting landscapes, which are typical of Africa. Hence it has become a favourite destination for leisure and adventure travellers worldwide.

Experience the region of infinite scenic beauty with a great diversity of natural and man-made attractions, rich cultural heritage and an abundance of wildlife and nature-based tourism activities.

Flora & Fauna
Flora & Fauna (48)

Limpopo's Fauna and Flora are some of the most diverse in Southern Africa. The province is one of the country's best managed conservation areas and the prefered eco-tourism destination in South Africa.

Sigthseeing Limpopo - Tourist Routes
Tourist Routes (17)

The Limpopo Routes offer an opportunity of focused travel in the province. All self-drive and unguided, the routes listed and described below comprise interesting tourist 'hot spots' in Limpopo to enable you, as the traveller, to put together your own exciting days of travel and adventure in the province.

Each Limpopo route is special, representing a microcosm of varied and interesting cultures, growing industries and an expanding tourism industry. The beauty and variety of the routes will not only delight all who visit, but also entice them back - time and again.

We invite you to sample the vast treasure chest of experiences that is Limpopo by exploring the Limpopo Routes.

Baobab trees - South Africa
Highlights & Icons (17)

Whether you're planning adventurous game drives, a rural camping retreat, bird watching or tranquil hours spent angling, here are some icons and highlights which should not be missed, when visiting Limpopo ...

Places to visit in Limpopo
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A visit to Limpopo is a reward in itself. You are warmly invited to make a leisurely stop-over at one of the destinations listed below.