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Education plays a significant role in the province. In addition to the numerous educational institutions and centres to the world-class University of Limpopo, the province also offers many historical and cultural sites, some of which are listed below.

Discover also the world-renowned Mapungubwe Arts Festival in Limpopo!

Heritage Sites

Heritage Sites

Limpopo is not only known as The Eden of Africa, but is the province that is rich in culture and heritage.

Limpopo cultural sites, rock art, shelters, people, burial grounds and historical buildings remain loyalty to complement Limpopo as the province of culture and heritage.

\Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts

Thousands of arts lovers and enthusiasts are visiting  Limpopo to exposed on Arts Festival.

On the visual arts and crafts front, Limpopo is renowned for impeccable sculptors, potters and bead artists. Most of these works will be viewed at exhibition centres for the duration of the festival.

Some of the artists can be visited in their areas, Limpopo is rich in Atrs & crafts.



Art Galleries

Art Galleries

Art is communication and skills that had discovered many years ago by our forefathers.

Today art can create employment opportunities for previously disadvantaged men, women and youth.

The traditional arts and crafts inherent in the communities, with a neccesary support, promotion and love on this work, community can able to fight against poverty and high rate of unemployment.

Visit Limpopo province today, to make differences to the skilled craft and artist by bringing only your eyes on their arts.

Rock Art Sites

Rock Art Sites

The Stone Age San, whose culture exists today largely as spirits in the form of rock artwork, archaeological relics and storytelling. Some sites dating back as many as fifteen thousand years ago.

Rock art sites are found in most of the regions across Limpopo.