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On Which Regional Factors The Textured Hair Transplant Cost Depends?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that can make a real difference by using non-invasive hair growth lotions. It can work to derive natural-looking and permanent results that can improve your looks. However, the cost of a hair transplant can depend on several factors. The major factor is the type and extent of hair loss. If you are planning to undergo a surgical hair implant for your curly hairs, you should consider the cost first. Textured hair transplant cost might differ from standardized hair restoration procedures. So, you must make an initial consultation with your hair surgeon to make a well-informed decision.

Check factors that determine the cost of textured hair implants

1. Hair types

The most convincing factor is hair type in this regard which can establish the overall cost of treatment. Textured hairs are considered wavy and curly hairs that are more delicate than normal hairs. So, transplanting such hairs is more complicated than straight hairs. Thus, only a certified hair surgeon would have the right skills to carry out such hair restoration. This would certainly take longer for dealing with thick and curly hairs. So, this particular factor can augment the cost of treatment. Additionally, the skill of a hair surgeon would always have greater worth to execute complex hair transplantation.

2. Transplant method

The method of hair transplant can also determine the cost of textured hair implants. FUT and FUE both are viable solutions for this hair transplant. The hair surgeon can use any method among the two to add hair density and thickness. But, when it comes to cost affirmation, FUT is considered a good option. The reason is that it is faster than FUE since hairs will be extracted in a single go. The surgeon would not have to remove them individually which can add a longer duration to the procedure. So, textured hair transplant costs can be decreased by choosing the right treatment. However, you can choose FUE since it does not involve much scarring and pain.

3. Bald size and grafts requirement

It is undeniable that the cost of a hair transplant directly depends upon the size of baldness. If you have a wider bald area then you might require more grafts to be implanted. However, one thing that is important to consider curly hairs look denser than straight hairs. Therefore, you might require fewer numbers of grafts to be extracted to cover the baldness. The curvy nature of textured hairs can cover more areas of the scalp than normal hairs. So, the cost could become lower when surgeons would not have to remove more grafts from donor sites. However, the cost would be computed on the basis of per graft price. This would also add to the cost of medication that you would need during the recovery period.

4. Number of sessions

Generally, a single session is enough to complete the hair transplant procedure. In a single session, the surgeon can implant 3k to 4k grafts. But if your bald area is wide then more grafts may be needed. If the required graft numbers are greater than 5k then you might be recommended another session. This would again augment the cost of treatment. However, FUT is a viable option to consider for implanting a large number of grafts in a single session. This procedure works by cutting a strip of hair to extract a greater number of hair grafts. So, implantation can take place in a single go. However, FUE treatment may also require a single session if the number of grafts required is lower.

To sum up

So, these are the imperative aspects to deliberate for textured hair transplant cost. You can also discuss the cost of treatment with your hair surgeon. Some professional hair restoration clinic also facilitates patients with financing options. So, you can go with a suitable arrangement to carry out your hair transplant easily. Although, you can get your hair restored to make your spending worthwhile.

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