Bird-watching is a rapidly growing industry worldwide. Not only is there overwhelming demand from visitors hailing from the UK and USA for access to birding destinations, but it has also been found that a large percentage of local tourism comprises the South African birdwatching fraternity. The Soutpansberg-Limpopo Birding Route is ideally situated along the Soutpansberg Mountains and the Limpopo River Valley. This little known area has over 540 bird species (55 % of the Southern African total count). Birding here is both rewarding and exciting. All year round there is an abundance of birds to see. It is an ideal destination for both the beginner and experienced birder. The abundance of birds will always make a short trip to the region well worth the visit. The area boasts 29 Southern African endemics and 32 Southern African near endemics. We have over 400 resident species. Established in 1993, the Soupansberg-Limpopo Birding Route is a non-profit organisation aiming to create an awareness of the conservation of birds and habitats. It provides an opportunity for rural economic development and empowerment.

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