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The Movies Mystery Revealed

Ready to kick back and enjoy a movie? Don’t waste time figuring out what to watch. Use these apps to find a good film quickly. There are so many films out there, and so little time to watch them. When you’re ready to kick back and enjoy a movie, you don’t want to waste time figuring out what to watch. So here are five of the fastest ways to find a good film. These sites recommend films that are currently showing in theaters as well as old films worth watching. If it’s the latter, you might want to check which movies you can stream on services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. StayIn uses a Tinder-like interface and a quick series of questions to figure out what sort of mood you are in, and recommends a movie based on that. It’s a browser-based app that also works well on mobile screens and is a unique way to find new films to watch. The questions are written like a human would ask (and sometimes include profanity too). So instead of “Choose a genre”, it would ask something like, “Are you in the mood for some action?” You have to click Yes, No, or Don’t Care on each question card. Don’t think too much about it, go with your gut. There are some great movies that mess up their conclusion. Then there are films that seem to build up to the end, and the climax is what makes the whole film worth watching. If you’re looking for the latter, film. End Rating is a quick way to find such movies. The site gives movies two types of ratings. One is a general film rating, which is indicated in green. This seems to be based on movie ranking sites like IMDb or Metacritic. Then there is the rating in orange, which is where users rate the film’s ending.
  • If I like the director a lot – I will watch their film.
  • If I like the actor a lot – I will watch their film.
  • If I like the story it is based on – I will watch their film.
For random choices that don’t fit the above – I look for genre, other people’s ratings and recommendations, and what the poster looks like. Sometimes I take chances this way and have watched some really great movies. Find an actor you like. Peruse their imdb pages until something pops up Look up Roger Ebert’s web site. He’s dead, but his legacy of criticism is alive and well. There are thousands of good films on that site Look up turner classic movies, for references to older classic films. Look up the “criterion collection”. They have picked the best films for a better digital restoration and transfer. Use Quara to ask a more specific question, and give details about who, what and how you like films. You will get many answers.

Check out lists of films in WEB

It can be difficult to figure out what films to watch due to the sheer amount of films that have been produced. Thankfully, there are lists of film classics that are available online and offline. For example, you might peruse Roger Ebert’s list of great movies on his website. Browse DVD collections. There are companies that release DVDs of important films. The Masters of Cinema and Criterion Collection often release films that are of significance and value.[3] [4] You can find both interesting and entertaining fare by looking through the different films they have released. Look through film magazines. Sight and Sound maintains a list of the best two hundred and fifty films ever made with input from directors, critics, and academics from around the world. The Cahiers du Cinema has top ten lists from every year that it has been in operation.[5] These are good starting points for when you are trying to find an excellent film. Go through the filmographies of great directors. There are directors who have, in the short time that this medium has existed, managed to make unforgettable films. These directors generally have made several fantastic films. Usually, you can find the names of these directors by looking at lists of classic films. Pick a director that you like, and try to watch as many films by them as you can.

Take notes of movies you liked

If you see a film mentioned that you think you will enjoy, you may want to remember the name so you can find it later. The best way to do this is to jot down a note about its title and when it was made. Keep a film diary. Sometimes you’ve seen a film that you want to show to someone, but you have completely forgotten what it was called. To avoid this, create a diary for the films that you watch. Every time you see a movie, good or bad, make sure that you mark down its name and who directed it for further reference.Share this

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